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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Involuntary Time Off
Apparently my body is telling me that I need to take some time off. Or else my boyfriend Jeff is. Probably both. Jeff has given me (or my exhausted body allowed me to catch) the nasty cold that he's been fighting for the past week. I feel like hell. Just walking up the 4 flights of stairs at work seems like a long journey. The thought of going out for a run or going swimming is completely out of the question. At the end of today I will have rested a full 5 days, and by resting, I mean resting. Berely any walking, no stairs (except the mandatory stairs at home and the one time I mistakenly thought I could handle them at work), no abs and pushups in front of the tv at night, I mean just sitting and laying down. I am feeling like such a sloth. My muscles feel like they are melting into fat that I worked so hard to get rid of. Right now it is hard to imagine even wanting to do a hard work out ever again! Though I know as soon as I start feeling better I'll be out there running again! In the meantime I can crank out a bunch of chapters in my Actuary Level 1 Study Guide.

Maffetone Training Report
On a happier note I love my Maffetone training program so far! I'm starting to be able to run up hills while keeping my HR down and my hip pain has completely gone away. New muscles have been strengthened from all the walking (my body was getting sore from walking, it was weird). I've decided to do the half marathon at Gasparilla instead of the full marathon. I'm glad I made that decision, esp since I've been so sick and would have missed all of these training sessions.


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