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Sunday, November 20, 2005

I saw the coolest snake a couple weeks ago when I was running in Robert E. Lee park. I almost went running by without noticing him when my heart rate monitor started beeping, telling me that I needed to slow down to keep my heart rate in my Maffetone zone. When I did slow down, I noticed the snake sprawled out vertically along this tree, it was basking in the sun happily and it was about a foot from my head. Luckily I like snakes so I wasn't scared, but seeing that snake did get me thinking about how many other things I've probably missed that were sitting right next to the trail as I went running by, determined to get my training run completed as quickly as possible, not caring about anything else. It made me think about how self-centered I had become, especially when it comes to training. I didn't think about or notice anything when I did my training sessions. I would get annoyed when things like thunderstorms would force me out of the pool. Annoyed when I had to wait for my boyfriend Jeff to be ready to go on our training runs.

The Maffetone training has definitely made me slow down, and I think it's been for the better. It's allowed me to remember why I train, that training for triathlon is something I do because I love to be outside, I love to get out and really enjoy my life. I think before I started the Maffetone training, I had been focusing too much on just getting through my workouts. But now I'm thinking - why should I just get through my workouts? I want to enjoy them! I want to have fun training because training is a significant part of my life. So I decided something the day I saw the snake. I was going to train because it was fun, and that I was going to change it to make it fun. And I was only going to do it up to the point where it ceased to be fun. And I was going to stop being so self-centered and start noticing the beauty around me, the snakes along the path.

Over the past few weeks, I've been fighting the flu, allergies, and some other health issues and I haven't been able to run or do any of my other normal training. In fact, just being able to get out for a walk was a miracle with the way I felt. I really started to miss my training sessions and longed to get out there to do some biking, some running, and even go for a swim.

Now that I'm finally feeling better, I can get back into my training and I can enjoy it even more. And every time I go back to the park I will visit the tree where I saw the snake. I may not see the snake but I will still be able to see the tree and it will serve as a reminder as to why I train, why I am out there, it's fun and it is a privilege to be healthy enough to be able to get out and enjoy what's all around us. And I can stop and listen to the birds, feel the cold wind, watch chipmunks scurrying around a tree, enjoy the clouds reflecting on the water, and the smell of the fall. And who knows, maybe I'll be lucky enough to see that snake again one day.


  • Nice post. That's a good reminder to slow down and enjoy the workouts! Thanks.

    By Blogger Mica, at 9:42 AM  

  • Liz,
    Nice blog! Interesting to read what's going on with you. Glad you're back up and training, that must feel good!

    If you want to delete any of the junk comments you've gotten, there is a way to do that. Login, then go to the comment and click on the trash can icon.

    By Blogger Sarah Wilson-Jones, at 3:44 AM  

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