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Monday, January 30, 2006

Adventures in bra shopping! The mission: to buy a new sports bra. The requirements: must be pretty. must fit a size 32G. must allow for zero bounce.

I've managed to lose a few pounds recently, part of which happened to be around the middle of me where I needed to lose the most. The impact of this weight loss is that I'm down to one sports bra that fits, and even it's a little too big. The bra is an Enell, it's ugly. It looks like a corsett. It's not easy to get into, it requires quite a bit of "adjusting" and mashing and I've often wished I had two more hands to help to get into it. It has about 15 hook and eye closures in the front that all have to be closed. Problem is that normally when you think you have all of them inevitably one or two come undone and in the process of hooking them again some other ones come out, yes, I know this is a sign that the thing is too big on me. Originally I think it was white. However it has slowly evolved into a dingy gray. And it's pretty much always stinky because I wear it 6 times per week. So I figured I could justify treating myself to another bra so at least I'll be able to start my workout smelling good 2x per week instead of just once).

So my quest begins. I read in Runner's World a month or so back that Moving Comfort had started a line of bras for larger breasted women. So I start looking on the internet to see where I could try some on. REI was it. So I was very excited the evening Jeff and I stopped by REI. I was going to find a new sports bra that meets all my requirements. And I had a $25 gift card to help defray costs - yay!!

I eagerly find the sports bras and start looking for the big girl sizes. Turns out they have one 32DD and one 34DD, both high impact by Moving Comfort. Unfortunately the largest size Moving Comfort makes is a DD, two sizes away from G, ugh. I'm still optimistic at this point, I'm excited to try the 32DD. Unfortunately I was spilling out of that one and the circumference was too large on the other one (and I could tell that it allowed for way too much bounce - yes, I was jumping up and down in the fitting room, but not out of joy). So I'm back to Enell, the only company that makes bras for DDD (which still is a size below what I need). Enell is listed as the "Bra of Last Resort" by Title 9 Sports that offers quite a few sports bras (and believe me, I've tried all the other ones). And guess what? Enell still only makes this same corsett style that I have now and it still only comes in black, white, and beige. So I'm not going to meet my requirement of pretty. Oh well. I went with the black this time so even if it gets dirty (which it inevitably will) it will only get more black. I ordered a size zero which is supposed to fit a 32 DDD (as close as I'm going to get).

The bra:
I'm hoping the new color they're going to come out with is pretty! I'll be the first in line! And maybe by then they'll have some competition (come on Moving Comfort - I want a size 32G)!


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