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Sunday, March 12, 2006

I am proud of myself! I completed my first early morning workout of the year this morning! I managed to drag myself out of bed at 5:00 AM to squeeze it in before heading to work. I was pleasantly surprised at how much energy I had! My next challenge will be to try to do this early morning thing twice next week!

I just started following the 12 week heart rate based Olympic distance training plan at to get ready for Columbia in May. My planned workouts today involved a swim workout and a run time trial. I didn't want to do the swim workout and the time trial back to back. So I knew the swim was either going to be in the morning or not at all. I wasn't going to give up the time trial because I want to use this time trial to calculate my lactate threshold so that I'll be able to figure out my ideal heart rate zones.

The swim workout went as follows:
Endurance Speed Workout
48 minutes
1750 yards
300 wu. 5x50 (sprint 1st 25) - on 20 sec rest. 4x - 2x50 Z3 (15 sec rest), 1x100 Z3 (60 sec rest) then sprint a 50 Z5 (15 sec rest) - 200 cd.

This is a super high energy swim workout as far as I'm concerned. My normal workout would include back and forth for 45 minutes, mostly crawl, some breast, some back crawl, and some drills thrown in for good measure, yes, kind of haphazard. The thought of sprinting kind of scared me! But happily I was able to "sprint", well, go as fast as I could before I started to get scared that I wasn't getting enough air and that I was going to pass out in the water and drown. Felt like I was going faster than a speeding bullet! Though to other people it probably just looked a little less slow than when I'm swimming normally! :-)

I had a little bit of coffee and half a harvest bar. That seemed to do the trick as far as pre-workout nutrition. I think it was the right amount of food and liquid, I had plenty of energy and didn’t feel like I was still digesting - bonus!

I'm looking forward to my time trial tonight! It will give me a good base level so that several weeks from now I can measure to see my progress. It's going to be a tough run though.
Here's the plan:

After 10 minute warm up, you are going to run for 30 minutes as hard as you can for the entire 30 minutes. After starting the run, hit your 'Lap' button so you record the average HR over the last 20 minutes. This can be run on track the or measured course (flat). Record the time and get a 10 minute cool down.

My conundrum is I'm supposed to go to happy hour tonight. So I guess I better not drink or maybe I better not go? Doing a really hard run after a beer or two could be a little challenging! But I'm definitely planning for a Guinness tomorrow night at my favorite non-smoking pub Mike McGovern's!!!


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