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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Work is sort of driving me crazy at the moment. I am in Test Case HELL. I am writing the most excruciatingly detailed test cases and it is starting to be REALLY BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My mind keeps wandering and I can't seem to stay on task. And the other analyst on my team is undermining my authority this morning by going behind my back to our boss RIGHT AFTER asking me how something should be done. I am the sr analyst on the team and I have a hell of a lot more experience than he does but he still feels the need to double check EVERYTHING I say with our boss. ARGH. (And it turned out that I was right for the record!) And there is a guy who sits in the row behind me who has to complain about EVERYTHING, like this morning he decided to go on a rant about our redesigned website that my company just rolled out to its retail customers. The site is beautiful, it looks really nice, I checked it out myself after his rant. He has to find something wrong with everything, and he sits and complains almost every morning about SOMETHING. But here I am complaining about him complaining... :)

But I really can't complain, I am inside in a COOL building, fed, caffeinated, and happy to be sitting down, my body is pleasantly sore from last night's 2 volleyball matches. It was fun b/c the second match I played in a league that was two leagues above where I normally play. And wow, were they good. It definitely made me play better than I normally do which was really fun. I got all my hits over and in and none of them were blocked. And I shouldn’t be complaining because I am going to the Outer Banks in North Carolina with my family next week for vacation!! I can't wait! My mom will be there too which will be really cool, I haven't been on vacation with her since I was a kid. This will be so much fun. I hope we plan on doing a talent show again this year like we did last year in the Adirondacks. The kids (and parents) were so much fun to watch. I need to think of something to do... Hmm, that might be a good project for me to do today to avoid actually getting any work done!! I don’t think I can really use my run, bike, or swim talents, that would be tough to demonstrate during a talent show… I know, I’ll play something on my flute!!! Hopefully I still remember how to play my flute. Do I still have my flute?


  • I never knew you played flute!!! things we find out on blogs...

    By Blogger C., at 11:20 PM  

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