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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

On the flip side, I seem to be having the less than ideal day today:
12:00 AM Tossing and turning, no sleep after reading about Jami Goldman's entrapment in a Chevy Blazer for 11 days in below zero temps...wondering if I would have reacted differently, would have remembered that the car had spun around so I would have known how to retrace my steps? Would I have stopped driving earlier? The story really haunts me, mainly because I could see it happening to me, to anyone really. It was just bad luck, the road happened to close for the winter hours after she started driving up it. So scary.

2:45 AM Still tossing and turning, thinking about the little boy on his snowmobile telling his father that they needed to go back and take a closer look at the red Blazer the next day, that there was something wrong, that little kid saved their lives, amazing how kids just know stuff

3:45 AM Wondering if this night will ever end, wondering if the kid would have been scarred for life if he had looked into the Blazer and seen two dead people

5 AM Cats end up in our room early in the morning (ran in after Jeff went to the bathroom), they start scratching at the box spring, I knew I was going to have to put them in the basement if I wanted to get at least an hour of sleep.
I grab one under one arm, spot the other one on the landing at the top of the stairs, sit down on the landing, grab her under the other arm, go to stand up and end up thumping down the stairs on my butt, boom, boom, boom. One cat goes flying, the other one I manage to hold onto. Jeff gets up to make sure I'm okay and we get the other cat down in the basement.

5:10 AM Back to bed. Sleepless.

6 AM Alarm goes off. I fall asleep. Alarm goes off again, snooze. I fall asleep again. Alarm goes off again, snooze. Repeat.

6:30 AM Up, feed cats, go to eat my cereal and realize that the milk has gone bad.

6:45 AM Then I hear this familiar rhythmic gagging sound. Cody proceeds to throws up right next to me. And then he starts to eat it. EEEEWWWW. Cleaned that up.

7:00 AM We're out of ground coffee so I grind more. I pour the coffee into my travel mug. I grab my three bags (lunch bag, purse, and gym bag) and keys and head out the door.

7:20 AM While I'm driving I reach down to grab my coffee mug from its cup holder and nothing is there. I had forgotten my coffee!!!!!!!!!!

7:40 AM Stopped at the Flying Avocado for some good coffee

7:45 AM Arrived at work in one piece with coffee!!!!!!!!! I'm determined to turn this into a good day somehow!!


  • Holy crap, that is a crappy morning!

    By Blogger Doppleganger, at 7:49 AM  

  • Oh you poor thing!! That is scary about the ebay account!! I hope you get everything straightened out!
    And you actually got to me with the bit about Cody and, unusual appetite. I can feel the gag reflex just waiting to kick in!!

    By Blogger C., at 9:20 PM  

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