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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The ongoing NO WETSUIT TRIATHLON apparel saga! Thanks for all your support, despite losing some weight and being healthier I still carry around a horrible body image!

After one quick stop at tri-speed, the local triathlon store, my trigear issues have been solved! I venture into the store with some hesitation, it's not my favorite place, (I think it's b/c the people that work there are all super skinny super athletes, something tells me that none of them have had to worry about things riding up or wearing multiple bras that can cut off lung capacity, etc, etc). So I walk in and they greet me and ask me what I'm looking for, etc. I tell them I'm looking for a tri suit and they show me the racks. Well, it turns out they only have extra small in the full tri suit. I'm guessing most people who are extra large do not purchase full tri suits. Okay, I get it. So change of gears. I'm going to have to settle for a tri top but the one I get MUST be LONG (avoid the riding up) and it must not be tight (no rolls) but it can't be loose (too much drag on the swim), oh and it has to be pretty (asthetics are important)! This is quite a tall order. So I go through the racks and look for the largest possible tops, grab four, and head to the fitting room (or in this case, the bathroom). The first one looks horrendous (shocker, white with stripes, worst possible combination for me), the second one looks okay (royal with white panels on the sides), the third one is WAY too short, and the forth one looks okay (turquoise, really pretty color). After I put each one on I start running and jumping in place to see if the thing is going to ride up (good thing it was a bathroom and not one of those fitting rooms where they can see your feet). The second and the forth both fit the bill. And I notice that the second one is 50% off - bonus! Decision made. And for a heck of a lot less money than I thought it was going to be! $30 instead of $95 for a full tri suit! I'm going to wear it for all my upcoming races, it has pockets on the sides for gels and it fits great even with a second bra underneath! I'm ready for IRONGIRL!!!!!

Lizard's New Tri Top:


  • I'm glad that you found a solution and feel much better. Now you have one less thing to worry about.

    By Blogger Doppleganger, at 9:16 AM  

  • ooh, I like it. It's purrrty!

    By Blogger C., at 1:00 PM  

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