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Friday, August 18, 2006

I am having major pre-race no wetsuits allowed anxiety!!!!!! I found out that my next triathlon will not allow wetsuits because the water is going to be too warm. For all of us triathletes that do not have perfect bodies, this is cause for some major anxiety.

Some background here on the triathlons that allow wetsuits... So normally I would only have to bare my midsection and sports bra for a brief moment in the transition area in T1 right after I have frantically and ungracefully peeled my wetsuit off. This process of peeling off the wetsuit is always well, awkward would be an understatement. This requires a lot of pulling, grabbing, twisting, bending, jumping on one foot, and sometimes ends in me on the ground. So I've already made a fool of myself before I expose my neon white midsection that has never seen the sun. Anyone still looking at this point would need to avert their eyes to avoid being blinded. But at this point I'm normally just so glad I got the wetsuit off without knocking over the entire rack of bikes that I forget about the fact that I am standing almost naked. In front of a lot of people. But usually my embarrassment is pretty low because well, I am in the middle of a race, I am focused on getting all of my bike stuff on. Plus, who is really watching the people in the transition area anyway? All the elites have gone by so everyone is watching the racers still coming in from the swim running from the water to the transition area and cheering on the bikers starting out the bike leg.

So this brings me to the main issue: what to do about the NO WETSUIT triathlon.

1. Must show belly before swim wave starts
2. Possibility that bra will unclasp during swim. It has 15 clasps so the possibility that ALL 15 come unclasped is unlikely but oh my goodness would it be embarrassing if my bra came off.
3. Must show belly as I run from water to the transition area (all eyes on me), YIKES!!!!!! Belly fat flying.

Two options:
1. Go with the sports bra and bike shorts and add the shirt in T1 (Pro: no soggy shirt during bike and run so less possibility of chafing, Con: the obvious, the neon belly is shown off before and after the swim and there still exists the possibility )
2. Swim with the shirt over the sports bra (Pro: no belly showing, Cons: soggy wetness during bike and run, the shirt that I have hikes up when I bike and run so the darn thing ends up showing my belly anyway, ugh.)
3. Buy a tri suit! Is fear a good enough excuse to spend more money on tri gear?


  • I think the tri-suit is your best bet! However, I do find it amusing that despite the fact that you can actually compete, and do well, in a triathlon, you are worried that others will be staring at you because you have a white belly!! And you are soooo not fat!!!

    By Blogger C., at 6:39 PM  

  • I agree w/ Claudia hands down!
    1. Get tri-suit (assuming this is something you would wear throughout).
    2. You are soooooo not fat!

    By Blogger Doppleganger, at 8:15 AM  

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