The Triing Lizard

Monday, January 29, 2007

My new weight loss ticker! I'm determined to lose 9 pounds by May 6th, the date of my first half ironman triathlon. I will use this ticker to update my progress.

I've officially started my half IM training program. It's been slightly discouraging in that I remember how much faster I used to be able to run and bike and swim. I'm kind of starting from scratch, retraining my body to work efficiently again. I'm not used to being sore after a 75 minute run but my body just isn't used to it!

I have finally started swimming with a masters group at Meadowbrook in Mt. Washington. Though it's intimidating and I am by far the slowest swimmer in the pool (this is the pool where Michael Phelps and other olympic hopefuls swim), it does give me some serious motivation to work my butt off and get better.

Today I had planned to go to master's swimming but when I woke up I noticed that my cat had yet again chewed through my goggle straps. ARGH!!!! I was not happy. I had already repaired them from the last time she chewed through them but this time a repair was not an option. I had even hidden them in my gym bag but she still was able to retrieve them and chew them up - that cat is evil!!! So I ran on the treadmill instead, it was way too freaking cold to run outside, windchills were in the 20s. Brrr!!!

So my workout plan for tomorrow is going to have to be adjusted, masters swimming in the morning, then spin class in the evening followed by a 30 minute run. Yikes, it's gonna be a LONG day!!