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Friday, July 20, 2007

I'm leaning toward registering for the Odyssey Half IM Off Road XTREME duathlon in September. I had so much fun hanging out with everyone last year when I ran the 1/2 marathon and then volunteered afterward. Such a blast. I've been thinking about doing this race for years, this is the year. 8008 feet of climbing during the bike (damn, last year it was 7300) and 3094 feet of climbing for the run. Good prep for riding and running in Colorado!!

I estimate that it's going to take me about 12 hours, closer to an IM as far as time is concerned. I'm going to use BT's beginner full IM training plan. I'm not sure what combination of off road and on road biking I should do. It probably makes sense to do some technical mountain biking but it seems to me that it would make MORE sense to get really good at climbing in general whether that's on the mountain bike or on the road bike.

There are some LONG weeks of training scheduled in this plan but if I put in the time I think I'll be able to finish this race. It's going to be a very hard race and there are going to be points where I'm going to doubt that I will finish but that's the beauty of these events - pushing yourself to the limits and seeing where your limits are.

I have 8 weeks to prep for this race. Time to get serious with my training. 18 hours of training in one week - do I even have that much free time? Yikes. That will mean two training sessions per day. Maybe I can get in some bike training by bike commuting to work again.

Won't it be fun to be in the best shape of my life at 31??


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