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Thursday, July 19, 2007

On a mission to reach 142! Weight loss challenge through BT, my goal is to lose 6 pounds by September 20th. That date is the goal b/c I'm considering doing an off road half Ironman (which I estimate will take me around 12 hours to complete so it's really more of an Ironman type race) September 22nd so the less weight I have to carry around the better. Start weight: 148, Weight last weigh in: 147, Goal weight: 142 (of course anything less than that would be fine too)!

Rough day eating-wise yesterday. I've been so good for the past 2 weeks. Yesterday I was just HUNGRY. I couldn't seem to not be hungry all day. For lunch I had a spinach salad with fruit but it didn't have any protein. So I munched the rest of the afternoon to stave off major hunger. But I was still starved when I got home so I cooked some Indian Stew (lentils with veggies). Then I headed out for a glass of wine with Len and Mike. So far not too bad. But no time for exercise which I'm starting to feel guilty about. Then we went to Cold Stone! Not good. But after that I finally felt full! And happy. :)

Today's eating and exercise plan:
Breakfast (6:30) - corn puff cereal from Whole Foods (no sugar, fat, very few calories) with 1% milk, coffee with 2/3 caffeine
Snack (9:30) - peach
Lunch (11:30) - leftover stew
Snack (2:30) - banana, protein bar
Dinner (5:30) - eggs, bagel
Biking and Beach Vball! (water, Hydroboom to drink, protein bar if I start to feel weak)
Snack (10:30) - plain yogurt with jam

I love Thursdays! Beach vball tonight and then vball tomorrow night! And then the weekend! The plan is to try to ride up Jerome Jay on Sunday AM. Over 300 feet of climbing in less than 1 mile. Maybe I'll try to do it twice!!!


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