The Triing Lizard

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Colorado dreaming…on such a hot summer day!!!

I’m in a holding pattern! So this past May my company asked for volunteers who were willing to move out to the Colorado office, that they were expanding our IT presence in that office. I thought about it for a couple weeks, well actually a couple days, and decided that I was interested. There were meetings held to go through relocation information and to let us know that we were going to have to interview for the positions even though we would be doing our same jobs except that we’d be living in a beautiful place with mountains, fresh air, drivers who yield to runners and cyclists, outdoorsy, down to earth people, and no grid lock! Amazing! And it turns out that they will move us completely, starting with a 5 day trip for us and our families (hmm, for me can that include my sister who lives out of town and has her own family? Wonder if I can get them to pay her expenses too, I need a second opinion on houses out there after all…) Also included is everything from animal transportation to closing costs on houses on both ends and lots of other stuff. I couldn’t ask for anything else. So starting in June/July timeframe I started to get a little antsy about when I was going to move. And the antsiness has not gone away.

I’ve had a great summer in Baltimore, I can’t complain, the middle was brutal with the whole break up during my birthday weekend and all but overall it’s been great, beach volleyball, spending time with friends. But it’s September and the building is supposed to be done in December and I want to know WHEN AM I GOING TO MOVE??? They can’t keep this information from me forever!!!