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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Since I've moved to Colorado I've started to seriously consider the whole idea of climbing all the 14ers. I think that just kind of happens when you live here and you like to do outdoorsy stuff. So I printed out a map of the Colorado 14ers and there are two with "Wilson" in their names - Wilson Peak and Mount Wilson. And the best part is that they are near Lizard Head Pass! I love it. I must climb them both. So Wilson Peak is easier, it's a class 3 climb (meaning some bouldering but you should still survive if you don't have ropes and you don't do something incredibly stupid) but Mount Wilson is a class 4 climb (meaning you best have ropes if you wish to survive). In addition neither of these mountains have trails to the summit. I got spoiled by Pikes Peak and Mt Elbert where it was so easy to get to the top! Hmm, so it sounds like I need to get some topo maps, brush up on my compass skills, and potentially learn how to climb! I better start working on my arm and leg strength!
Photos of Mount Wilson here:

This is just crazy - apparently I will be doing 53/54 14ers, Culebra can be left off the list! I am NOT paying some rich guy $100 to climb up a mountain that he has never even been up just because he owns the property! That is just wrong!


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